Tuesday, October 12, 2010

What is Earth Doing? Is it the Sun? La Niña?

What happened early Monday morning 10-11-10 between 8 & 9 a.m. Central time, when residents of Birch Creek, Menominee Township heard a loud boom, and that's when A woman felt her house start to shake. A large crevice the size of two football fields is found leaving residents scratching their heads. To read more about this and watch Video go here: http://www.uppermichiganssource.com/news/video.aspx?id=522312

What is causing these unusual events? 

The Sun. Don't sleep on this. We are prone to DX-Flares and some places are more prone than others. We do have a procession of the sun so depending on where the sun is closest to at the time is the place which will get it worse. This happening in our time our satellites will be wiped out, they will fry. The military will be the first to get back up.

The reason a DX-flare with low magnetic activity is dangerous now is because we are closer to the sunspot 11, and 12 which can come up to C-class. 11 ten and 11 nine is coming up today. It is relative to solar power. 

The last big one was in 1989 when the solar event knocked out the power grids in Canada, and it took weeks to get them back up. Airlines also are effected and will fly below altitudes or change altitudes. The space stations astronauts had to take cover but, it has a field around it which protects it.

Not all tsunamis start from the same source. Los Angeles is a danger area. We know this from Haiti's devastating tsunami which was caused by the wet earth's crust sliding down the mountains and into the ocean causing its tsunami. It is as little as a surge of a three inches can cause it. They are suggesting a three foot surge in Los Angeles and they are looking at a 8 + earthquake which will cause a tsunami. 

The sea-floor spreading occurs increasing Earth's surface. But the Earth isn't getting any bigger. What happens, then, to keep the Earth the same size? The answer is subduction. 

The Earth's longest mountain chain isn't the Andes in South America, or the Himalayas in Asia, or even North America's Rockies. It's an underwater chain of mountains 47,000 miles long. The chain runs down the middle of the Atlantic Ocean (surfacing at Iceland), around Africa, through the Indian Ocean, between Australia and Antarctica, and north through the Pacific Ocean.

Running along the top of this chain of mountains is a deep crack, called a rift valley. It is here that new ocean floor is continuously created.

As the two sides of the mountain move away from each other, magma wells up from the Earth's interior. It then solidifies into rock as it is cooled by the sea, creating new ocean floor.

The speed at which new ocean floor is created varies from one location on the ocean ridge to another. 

How does this happen?

Between North America and Europe, the rate is about 2.2 inches (3.6 cm) per year. At the East Pacific rise, which is pushing a plate into the west coast of South America, the rate is 12.6 inches (32.2 cm) per year normally.

There is going to be a very large nasty La Niña this year, and this has to do with the sun. It is because the sun has had a weak solar cycle and its magnetic field being weak, it effected the core of the earth, making for a La Niña associated with cooler than normal water temperatures in the Equatorial Pacific Ocean, unlike El Niño which is associated with warmer than normal water.strong La Niña and because of this, this winter is going to be cold, very cold. Cold like a mini ice age. With more storms than last year.
Tornadoes I think, are the worst case scenario for this year since the La Niña is cool water, and then it hits the hot air say, in C.A.

It all starts with hurricanes. Good news? We only have a month and a half left to the hurricane season however, the number of storms we've had so far is higher this year than last year already.
We may be in for a cure with the HARP project.  Contrary to popular belief and fear concerning HARP, we may be able to stem the coming cold spells which will be coming in future speculation based on science, and history.
Tropical Storm Paula is the 16th storm coming up as of today 10-12-2010. So far so good for us here in New York anyway. Not so good for all the tornadoes hitting many other parts of the U.S. where today there were reported earthquakes in A.Z. 

Anything can happen! Be prepared as best you can. 

Lunar Eclipses, also have something to do with earthquakes. I've been following these and it seems that when there is a Lunar eclipse, the line the shadow cast along the earth causes earthquakes in that area. 

We all know the moon rules the tides, and the sun rules the weather. To learn more you can look these up in google- earthquake today, and, earthquake center. Do the research, have a seven day supply of things such as batteries, a crank/solar radio, generators, shovels and the like. Look up Disaster Preparedness for detailed lists of what you will need, in your house, and in your cars. I always carry a few blankets, a few extra coats in my trunk, along with the usual spare tire, water, bleach, all fluids with and without antifreeze,  warm gloves, batteries, matches, and lighters. Of course, we must have more of these type of things in our disaster kits. 

Have a network of people also, and establish a place to meet.

If you can, sell your old trucks for the new ones with the exhaust pipes which come up the back surpassing the water level to be able to go through water if necessary. 

Always beware of sinkholes, you never know where they are when going through water. Get one of those window breakers you can carry on your keychain, it will crack a window with one sharp hit.  

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